Sustainable packaging

Delicious is in our nameā€¦

But our mindful approach goes beyond delicious ingredients. We believe in making thoughtful choices for our packaging too.

That’s why our goal is to make all of our packaging recyclable and made with recycled content by 2025. When we do have to use new materials, we’ll use materials from renewable resources (like paper and sugar cane). In the meantime, we’re striving to use renewable and recyclable resources whenever we can.

Here’s more about our current efforts.



Packages made with post-consumer recycled materials rely on fewer new materials. That means fewer forests need to be cut down to make packages. And, using recycled materials increases demand, which helps support the recycling market.

Our frozen dessert boxes and the boxes we use to ship to retailers are made with recycled paperboard. Our goal is to transition all of our frozen dessert packaging to recycled paperboard, including our pints, by 2025.